Anti-Aging and PRP

Optimal Healthcare Solutions is excited to bring the newest science and technology of staying young and fit to you! We will soon be offering injectable anti-aging therapy options like Botox, Juvaderm, and other fillers. Besides taking years of your face by filling and lifting lines and wrinkles, they can be used to treat the chronic pain from migraines and TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction). Another anti-aging therapy we will soon have available in our office is thread lifting, a procedure that uses temporary, invisible sutures that not only offer immediate lifting results, but also boost your own skin’s collagen production, leading to long-lasting, natural,
self-sustaining lifting effects. This minimally invasive procedure gives you results similar to a traditonal face-lift, minus the surgery and resulting extended recovery time.

Another exciting form of anti-aging and regenerative medicine that we are very excited to start offering is Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy (otherwise known as PRP), which has been successful for use in a variety of treatments. This is known as “regenerative medicine” because we use your very own platelets (which are blood cells our body uses for growth and healing functions) from your blood to kick-start your body’s renewal and regeneration¬† processes in a specific area of the body.

PRP has been successfully used in the treatment of chronic pain due tojoint and soft-tissue damage. Injecting your activated platelets into your injured area allows the body to begin healing itself and relieiving your pain, and since the treatment uses your very own blood platelets, there is little to no chance of side-effects, such as negative reactions or rejecting the treatment. This form of chronic pain treatment can drastically reduce or even eliminate the need for anti-inflammatories and other stronger medications, such as opioids.


PRP can be used for anti-aging therapies like hair growth and facials, but even more exciting is the promise it has shown in treating sexual dysfunction in both men and women. By injecting your activated platelets back into you, the rejuvenating effects of PRP can absolutely change your private life in ways you didn’t think were possible.

We look forward to offering these ground-breaking, life-changing treatments to you in our office!


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